Reputation Management

The concept of online “reputation management” has been much maligned in the internet community. This unfortunately comes from the misguided belief that anything posted online is undeniably true, and immune from debate or interpretation. FreeDMCA does not subscribe to such an arcane, myopic belief. The fact remains that much of the negative content found on internet websites, social media, review websites and other web forums is the byproduct of a singular experience. And this singular experience, while perhaps unique to that particular author, is not necessarily representative of you or your brand’s overall product or service offering – and in some cases, it outright defamatory as a matter of law.

Another misguided belief regarding online reputation management is that the process is in some ways unethical. Internet search engines such as Google set the playing field regarding search engine optimization, however that playing field is not always level. Common complaint sites such as RipoffReport.com are never optimized for search engines, but are nevertheless afforded great weight by Google and Bing. Similarly, government websites or other websites that aggregate public records are also not optimized in the manner business owners are expected to optimize their websites, yet, again, organically rank high by search engines. The process of link suppression – building a network of high value, content-rich links is a means of countering this otherwise unfair website weighting system.

Links we Attack

Blog Posts
Public Records
News Articles
Review Sites
Revenge Porn
Social Media
The reputation management experts at FreeDMCA can structure and execute an effective link suppression campaign to effectively remove negative links from high rank search results. Our process leverages our proprietary “Pre-Event” driven software to suppress the most negative links in the shortest amount of time. Moreover, our holisitic approach to reputation management ensures that once our work is done, the negative links do not reappear in high rank search engines as many reputation management providers allow to happen. Finally, FreeDMCA’s reputation management solution is one of the most cost-effective in the industry.

If negative online content is weighing you down, contact the link suppression experts at FreeDMCA today!