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Free Piracy Monitoring

The professionals at FreeDMCA are not just online intellectual property protection experts, they are also media industry veterans and content owners themselves. FreeDMCA knows too well the frustration and pain caused by online piracy. We have assisted thousands of content creators and rights owners – from authors and bloggers to software developers and online merchants, in protecting their online presence and removing stolen and unauthorized content from the web. FreeDMCA takes every client engagement with the utmost urgency, whether a small business or international publisher.

Online piracy is big business – it is estimated that over $100 billion a in illicit profit is generated each year as a direct result of intellectual property misappropriation. Online pirates typically operate with little to no consequences, and as a result operate unchecked; free to continue stealing protected content with impunity. FreeDMCA was created by veteran intellectual property attorneys and media professionals with an eye towards flipping the script – why allow online pirates to operate unscathed when laws such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act provides content owners with strong protections. The long-standing impediment to enforcing a content owner’s rights under the DMCA has been the absence of a comprehensive, cost effective solution to aggressively pursuing the primary offenders of content theft.

As an indication of our commitment to stopping online piracy, FreeDMCA offers complimentary piracy monitoring. Our no-obligation monitoring service uses our best-in-class, proprietary “Pre-Event” driven algorithms to weed out the toughest-to-find pirated content. Once a month, FreeDMCA will scan the entire web, on a global scale, meticulously identifying your proprietary content on web pages, web forums, social media and countless other sites. From there, our users have the option of leveraging our attorney-driven takedown services to scrub the web of unauthorized content use.

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